The Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller for WorldCom were arrested today for fraud. Several counts of this type of fraud and that type of fraud, fraud-greed-fraud everywhere you look fraud.

Those who have lied, stole, and cheated people out of their money are being sacked. More arrests are sure to come thanks for Bush’s new bill for the American People.

Until then it’s kinda fun to see the look of terror, depression, and more terror on the faces of today’s white collar criminals. Let’s take gander into their thoughts as they contemplate life among James Trafficant and other, man-loving, license plate stamping, members of the federal prison system:

“Ok think. Cigarettes are like cash in prison. I need cigarettes fast.”

I can’t let them see me cry, be a man, you can handle it, I can’t let them see me cry…

What did that reporter mean, “have I ever seen Oz?”

[Yeah, that’s it! I’ll just convert to Muslim once I’m inside. They don’t believe in prison love.](

[I wonder if she’ll let me keep my new boat. I love that boat.](


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