Last week I ended up living in a Hotel in the Easy Bay area of Northern California—albeit sick and, except for an hour of two a day, bound to my room working and feeling generally not-well. I made the journey and the stay because in the week prior to this seven-day-adventure, the Rocket Scientist accepted an advanced promotion (Sr. Engineer) that requires her presence away from Orange County for a few months. However, if all goes well this new post will stretch into years.

Nine years ago I was offered a job. Accepting the position meant we would have to move to Southern California (Ten miles to Disneyland) and away from Alaska, most likely for good. Unfortunately this also meant that the Rocket Scientist would have to put her college education on hold for at least a year because we could not afford the out-of-state tuition. Knowing that I needed to get out of Alaska and take a risk, she agreed to the situation even though it was a set back to her own plans. Fortunately everything worked out for the best and the risk has paid off many, many times.

Now we find ourselves on the verge of moving for her new job and I’m happy to take on a new set of risks, especially if it means supporting The Love and Joy of My Life (besides it’s not like we have to move back to Alaska or some forsaken land, like Arkansas).

So for the next couple of months I’ll be jetting up and down the coast for a few days here and few days there to spend evenings and weekends with the wife while carefully mapping out where all the best restaurants are. More importantly I’ll use this opportunity to conduct scientific research in the area of how the weight of wine by the caseloads affects the federal MPG estimates for a Volkswagen Touareg. There is so much that is unknown about this science and It’s my intent to make efficient use of my time up North (and Google Maps) in effort to gather exhaustive data.