For the last two weeks there have been Xserves lying on a table behind my desk, roaring to go. At first this arrangement wasn’t too bad, the fan noise was more than I was used to but this was only a temporary arrangement so I tried not to mind. Now, just thirteen days later, I find myself making sure to keep hydrated, listening to headphones, and browsing through catalogs of products I have no intention of buying (like NFL licensed beard clippers, wine-cork bulletin boards, and popcorn vending machines. Seriously, who in the hell uses bulletin boards anymore?)

Today the Boeing 7G5s are taking off to their final destination where they will live in a comfy, insulated community with strict covenants. While I’ll miss looking at these luxury boxes, I know they’re going to be happy making new friends and living under the safety that only Halon gas can provide. And just in time too, yesterday, without thinking, I waited for a safety demonstration before setting off to work.