The Apple Keynote is over and the most interesting tidbit, in my opinion, is that iPhone apps do not require the use of a snap development kit (SDK). Creating an app only requires the use of web standards based design and AJAX functionality. This makes me wonder what truly useful applications could be built in time for the June 29th product launch.

Here are a few ideas:

- **Where in the World is Tom Cruise?** — Not for stalking, but avoiding any possible chance encounter with the Grand Wizard of Scientology. Would require that we get Katie to shoot Tom with dart gun and then install a GPS enabled collar like they use for polar bears in the Northwest Territories. - **I heard it on KAPL** — For war-dialing radio stations around the world just in case they are holding a call-in contest. The app would not only dial repeatedly but also tell you what station you are calling and what to say in order to win a free lunch. - **R2-D2** — For when you find yourself in a giant trash compactor and need something a bit more powerful than a RS232 interface to shut the damn thing down. - **Avalonstar** — Can’t quite cope with your online life? Just open this app and a finger-tap on the “Easy” button shuts down your blog, deletes your 9rules account, and sends a call-in order to the nearest Starbucks with an order for a venti double-chocolate Frappuccino. - **iCoholic** — Had one too many for the road? Breathe into the iPhone and have the results sent directly to the local police authority. If they don’t come in fifteen minutes then you must be good, go ahead and drive home. - **Get Real** — Ask your iPhone if you should meet with clients and it will reassure you with a firm ‘no‘ and let you get on with life. - **Hoverboard** — For those who will own two iPhones, put them on the ground, launch Hoverboardz and then get ready to rollerskate on air but without wheels because you’re hovering, you know, in the air. - [DrinkingBirdr]( — Because no-one needs to live their life pressing the ‘Y’ key at work. Potential productivity increase of 300% possible but not probable. - **Tron Disc** — The iPhone looks aerodynamic, so maybe we could use them as boomerangs of the 21st century? Hells yes! This app won’t do much but make really cool sounds when you throw your iPhone at people. Still, it’s gonna rock.

What else we got?