Dime Bag.

I spent a few hours browsing the Apple Music Store last night, finding a few new CDs, but more importantly being reacquainted with old albums and artists that used to live in my cassette tape library so long, long ago. Does anyone remember Southern Culture on the Skids’ classic hit Camel Walk?

With the ability to download single tracks I think this new store is going to revive the long lost art of the mix ‘tape’. At least it’s been lost on me. I haven’t made such a thing since back in the day when I rolled the cuffs of my jeans and cruised Palmer, Alaska in a burgandy Mustang. Back then I was so rad it hurt.

As I mentioned yesterday this store is a new form of crack that will need some serious restraint. I have a lot of CDs already — I listen to all of them, usually over and over again until a new one comes along — so music has always been a constant form of entertainment. But this store, with 1Click, makes it too easy to buy a track with a single click on the tiny BUY button next to the track name. With the proper setting, nothing, not even a warning, has to come up and remind you that your spending money.

While Apple has done a lot of great work to get the music store launched I’m finding myself wanting to add albums to a Wishlist. And while we’re adding Amazon style features, lets add the ability to have people buy things from a wishlist or at very least the ability to buy/receive gift certificates.

During yesterday’s presentation I could have sworn I heard Steve Jobs say that the extensive backend used to run Apple’s music store used a lot of XML. It seems to me that structure could be used to create scripts for websites, iChat, etc.

Finally, how about an application that would allow me to stream my newly purchased music as a ‘Radio’ channel in iTunes. Perhaps the whole thing could be run via .Mac or through iChat. I don’t care, just let me spread the joy of my newly and rapidly expanding crack addiction.