Roughly a year ago I unpacked a lot of boxes, put together the non-IKEA Scandinavian future, and called my lawyer with instructions to proceed with paperwork and registration for Airbag Industries LLC. With one contract locked and the potential for more I set out to explore the possibilities of helping businesses and organizations with their Internet related concerns.

Most of my time in the last year has been spent in front of book stacks, composition sketches, and dual monitors at the office from six AM to six PM and then a few hours later at night. Not every hour has had me bound to the Aeron chair, I’ve traveled from Florida to Montana, San Francisco to a virtual room in a MOO to meet with clients.

The best part about the last year has been working with old and new friends. Together we have launched countless blogs, three magazines, two web apps, seven brochure sites and two stores. Not too shabby for a years worth of work.

Looking forward there are more and larger projects on the horizon. I’m very proud that a few clients have returned to my corporation with larger ambitions that are shaping up to be major home-runs within their verticals. As I look at the work ahead, the next year is going to double or triple Airbag’s deliverables and billing. We’ll keep working better, faster, stronger until something breaks.

As the work ahead gets bigger and better it has become increasingly difficult to forge ahead without loosing much needed downtime and sleep. The only way to grow a service-based business is to increase the capacity of output and so with that in mind I have hired my friend Ryan Irelan to help facilitate client’s needs and the growth of the company.

You may remember Ryan from that Lifehacker thing or his podcast endeavors but I know him as one of the first regular Airbag readers from days gone by (or nine-thousand and two-hundred some comments ago). Since that time Ryan and I have become friends and worked together on a number of projects including the redesign and development of FILE magazine. Ryan’s work ethic and results are second-to-none and I am confident he will strengthen the Airbag brand.

That leaves the future of this website a bit uncertain. Clients come here looking for validation of previous job history and an idea of the Airbag development process but instead they find rants with no particular topic in mind (they always say the writing makes them laugh, so that’s a plus, I guess). The book has always been available for potential clients but even that has to be changed a bit. With that in mind, a hybrid site has been in the works with no launch date set.

So there you have it, the first State of the Airbag address. Stay tuned.