I’ve never understood why some people chose to leave comments anonymously (meaning they use a false name, email address and/or web address).

It’s not like anyone has been killed or was violently beaten because of a comment they left on a blog. Names are called and words are thrown around like rocks but I don’t get why some feel the need to hide behind false information. It’s annoying.

But what really pisses me off to no end is when someone choses to leave a comment using someone else’s identity. Especially if that identity belongs to be a friend. That’s exactly what someone in Burnaby, British Columbia did yesterday when they left a comment posing as Dave Shea.

When I first saw the comment it didn’t sit well because knowing Dave as I do it was the type of message he would have said using back channels. More importantly I had a hard time thinking of how Dave could post a comment from within western Canada when he was in deep in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland.

I’m not amused. Neither is Dave.

So to the person using IP address I have to ask how weak are you? If you can muster up the courage to own your words then come back and leave a proper comment with your own damn identity.