I dig the Spread Firefox website. It’s clean, colorful where it needs, pretty easy to use. It does very well to provide a place to empower and manage evangelism about the wonderful web browser but I can’t help but think they left out one detail.

What if a new, completely green user stumbles upon this website looking to download Firefox? With so many blog entries linking to this site and how it’s ranked in Google it’s possible there are a lot of potential users coming to the site.

Now I understand that Spread Firefox isn’t meant for distributing software, yet nothing really stands out that says ‘Download’ or ‘Get’ in the main navigation. The only link provided to “Get Firefox” above the page fold is a small badge located under a login box on the left side (opposite the site navigation).

This is probably fine for a good portion of users but when you’re in the middle of a browser land war, you can’t afford to let users slip by. Especially when you’re trying to deflate an 800 pound gorilla like Microsoft. I would suggest that the good people at Spread Firefox add a prominent download link across the top of the page, throughout the site. You’ll excuse the lack of the FF Meta, I don’t have that font in the library.

Of course the simple addition of a Download tab would help a lot. The combination of both would possibly assure that no one falls through he cracks.

Go Fox!