Drama Saw Decay.

My life is now more complete than ever after watching three hours of ABC television in approximately 24 minutes thanks to the almighty Tivo. By the way, did anyone catch the Oscar themed anagram title?

Three clicks fast forward and woosh … past the tribute to somebody nobody really cares about, woosh … past the 83 shots of Russel Crowe … woosh past Whoopie Goldburg’s debut at humor —


whisper, whisper

“Oh … I thought this was her first go at comedy.”

whisper, whisper

“Sister Act was a comedy?”

— and stop to see For the Birds get a well deserved award.

With the sprinkle of Donald Sutherland, this evenings performance has been subtitled, How Stela Got Her Volvo V70 Back.

The real highlight was getting a first glimpse inside the new Kodak Theatre. Wow! I would love to see some real performing in Hollywood’s newest attraction. Cirque du Soleil did a fantastic job, maybe they should just stay there and leave Las Vegas behind.

In conclusion I leave you with just one parting thought. More of a quiz really.