Some time ago a friend of ours needed some help. He was finishing up grad school and had just learned that his cat was very, very sick. He took his pet to the vet, and found out the poor animal needed a costly procedure to live. The price was too much to consider on a student salary. So he turned to the Internet for help and told the sad story through his blog. In the days that followed our friend received a lot of community and financial support, enough to cover the costs of the operation. It’s a story of unselfish giving by complete strangers (blog readers) that I will never forget.

Somehow, our subset of the industry cares. Whether it’s the latest HTML technique, a new CSS hack, or help for a sick pet, I’ve seen our community come together like Voltron and provide support, fix the problem, or sometimes just collectively laugh or cry. This kind of support is downright rare. Our community strives to improve as a team; even though we’re made up of tens of thousands of individuals who will never meet, we’ll stop what we’re doing to rally together when needed.

As you may know already, our friend Cameron Moll has started a campaign to raise twenty thousand dollars for Charity: Water, an organization that installs fresh water wells in African villages. Twenty thousand dollars is an ambitious goal, of course—but I firmly believe it’s attainable if we can combine our online reach and financial resources. While this is Cameron’s initiative, I see this as a challenge for everyone in our industry. Let’s see what web designers and developers can do here.

In an effort to help raise more support and awareness, I reached out to a few friends of mine, business owners and successful individuals who can help support this campaign. I’d like to personally thank Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners, John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Josh Williams of Gowalla, Rick Ellis of ExpressionEngine, Todd Dominey of SlideShowPro, Aaron Mentele and the crew at Electric Pulp and Mike Monteiro of Mule Design for making a generous contribution, each proving that together as a community we can go find some water.

With disasters in Haiti and Pakistan, I know it’s been a tough year for giving—but Cameron’s campaign has some fantastic momentum building behind it. Just as we’ve always done, let’s band together and find some water. I’m not asking you to put off rent, but consider holding off on buying that movie on iTunes or ordering one less drink at the bar this week and help find some water. Wait a week before buying the pro version of Twitteriffic and help find some water.

If you are not able to contribute monetarily this time that is perfectly understandable. Please consider blogging, tweeting, throw up a Bat Signal, anything that will bring more of us together and support a great cause.