Drive Through.

Today the archives of Airbag have been opened. As posted here, I’ll be doing more work to the Archives to make them easier to use. Before you click through the last two years of material I thought I’d share some personal highlights:

Go Away.

This post really made my year. Because of the work it promotes, I made the Wall Street Journal, Salon Magazine, TIME, Boston Globe, Gawker, Memepool, and a good number of websites and blogs. Sadly I do not believe it was posted to Metafilter tear.

Used Airbags.

At the time this was by far the most popular entry and is still talked about among friends and family. I think it’s time for a comeback. Grab your favorite cousin with a mullet and click on through.


A list of knowledge bestowed upon me by an off-duty Orange County Sherriff during traffic school. Of course none of it pertains to the illegal U-turn I made one hour after buying a new car. Life can be stupid sometimes. This was the result of four long hours of stupid.

Geek Resume Redux.

If car enthusiasts can talk about all the cars they have owned I figured why not recap all the computers I’ve owned? The result is a resume only a nerd could love. The entry is only a year or so old and already way out of date. Look for an update soon.

Checking Out.

Having just returned from South by Southwest (A blog love convention in Austin, Texas), it struck me odd that hotels serve coffee from the bathroom. Two years old and it’s still one of my favorites.


About an Alpha male, his son-in-law, and electricity. I don’t want to give anything away. This is a must read.


Wherein I impress the ladies with my vast knowledge of coffee. More on this topic will be written to be sure. For now you have this, and it’s good.

Have fun.