It’s finally here! A gift of ambrosia from the deities at Iconfactory.

xScope is by far the hottest, most functional, most original MacOS X app I’ve used to date. Already it’s saved development time, bought me lunch, and pulled me to safety from a burning car.

I’ve had the fortune of using this app for the last two weeks and I don’t know what I would do without it now. Especially when dealing with style sheets, which of course have to be pixel perfect. Being able to meassure boxes and layouts without having to capture a screenshot and then load Photoshop is worth the price alone.

And of course xScope looks hot. Pure eye candy (the kind that makes you involuntarily breathe through your mouth) from the best interface guys in the business.

Windows users don’t worry! You still can still hold a Stanley Powerlock Tape Rule up to your monitor and then convert centimeters into pixels. It won’t be as cool as using xScope but then using Windows seldom is.