Duct Tape.

Sorry for nine days of nothing.

I have been busy trying to make Movabletype work they way I want it too but not the way it has been designed. I’m working on my online gallery, Shutterthumb and it’s first feature, New York, New York. I have two many pictures to simply stuff them all into a category since you can’t limit the number of entries to be displayed on a category and that makes for a very long download time.

I can break it up into several categories but I really don’t want so many categories to manage. So I’ve been playing with several work—arounds. It’s not pretty and I’m hoping that MT 2.0 will take care of this problem for me.

Again I have spent more time in planning, drawing, mapping, coding worrying about perfection. Should have just started publishing photos and fixed things as I went along. Either way I be publishing my second site sometime this week.