El Bush.


USA : Walker, Texas Ranger – Walker goes under cover as a Mexican peasant to bust a slave-trading operation.

HBO : Shallow Hal – A self-help guru makes a superficial man see the inner beauty of a fat woman.

HBO2 : Songcatcher (2001) – A teacher joins her sister at a school in the mountains, discovers the music of the local people and sets out to record it.

PBS : Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers – Biologists study the ocean habitat of salmon and giant bluefin tuna to in order to save them from extinction.

VH1 : Totally Tricked Out Rides – The customized cars, planes and boats of the rich and famous.

WB : Everybody Loves Raymond – While escorting Ally to a father/daughter dance, Ray reminisces about the day she was born.

KCAL : Judge Judy – A man bails his former wife out of jail; a man blames his former lover for spending a week in jail.

OLN : Lumberjack World Championships – Men’s Boom Run; Axe Throwing.

TVLAND : Sanford & Son – Fred doubts he is Lamont’s real father.

Univision : Mensaje Presidencial – El presidente George W. Bush se dirige al Congreso y a la Nacin.