Electric Lime.

It’s not secret that on a regular routine I have Vietnamese people rip hair off my forehead, right between the eyes. I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that having it done professionally is the far superior option to the DIY solution. It’s not like I have a vat of wax doo-hicky constantly set at the right temperature and bubbling for optimum follicle removal.

Still I have to say that eyebrow waxing has to be one of the best rackets in the modern world. For three minutes worth of labor I pay $10 plus tip — keep in mind I live in Southern California where even hour pets are tipped on your way out the door. I figure doing this full time a person can earn up to $1000-1200 a day (that’s about 7 hours of actual billable waxing time).

That’s some serious wage earning potential. God Bless you George Bush for providing an economy where this type of small business can happen.

Now web design pays pretty good, at least better than a public school teacher that’s for certain (again, many thanks G-Dubyah). But I don’t see many days where I can pull in that kind of hair removal money without the added stress of things like: web standards, software upgrades, stupid comments posted to my website, or corrupted databases (and that’s the short list). Think about it, you batter a persons forehead with wax, apply some kind of tape, and rip — ding, you’re done. It’s cake.

On my last visit to Little Saigon Nails, Toes, and Fur, I figured out how I can set up my own shop and steal all of their business by slashing prices in half. Totally doable by my cost cutting measures which include using melted down crayons (a few bucks for a mega box) and duct tape (which will rip off whatever hair doesn’t stick to the melted Burnt Sienna). By using art supplies instead of beautician certified bee product, I can also offer eyebrow drawing services that some women seem to prefer over what mother nature provides.

It will mean a lifestyle change for sure — reading People and US Magazine instead of A List Apart or Digital Web but that can’t be too bad, I mean how else can I keep up with whom Tom Cruise is dating or even if he’s still a man.