With Amazon’s move to help raise money for tsunami disaster I feel like attention and attitude towards the real need in that region is turning around for the better. As it’s the week in-between Christmas and New Years it’s really hard to raise awareness let alone monetary support. Something I learned firsthand working for a large non-profit for five years.

It doesn’t take a whole lot from each of us to make a huge impact.

While digging through the piles of information on the SEA-EAT blog I came across this comment about giving that I thought was appropriate to share:

I just made a contribution to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross. I picked a number, and then I doubled it, thinking of what is needed for relief to Darfur as well.

Thinking about it some more, I realize how stingy I am. I donated less than four times what it cost for the DVD set of the Live Aid concerts, something that I requested on my Christmas list and that I received Christmas Eve. And I’m willing to spend double to quadruple the donation I just made to take Vicki out for New Years Eve and our 9th wedding anniversary.

I just talked it over with Vicki and we chose staying home for New Years Eve, or doing something simple with friends, donating what we would have spent going out to the disaster relief effort instead. And if anyone puts together a benefit event by New Years Eve, I will consider donating to that also.

I don’t know the guy who wrote this but he makes an excellent suggestion. Try to do without something this month and use that money to help the relief effort in some way. Amazon has made it easy to give but there are dozens and dozens of ways to send support — money and otherwise.

And If you can’t afford to give then at the very least help raise awareness through your own website, communities and sphere of influence. Grab a badge, write an entry, post a link, whatever, just do it. The sooner the better.