Over eighty-five entries from all over the world were received for the Ledger Paper logo contest — the last one coming in minutes under the midnight deadline. The quality of work ranged from ‘I am a designer who would love to win an iPod’ to ‘I can’t design for crap but hope no one else enters so I can win the iPod’. Pretty much what I expected but I was surprised by the number of entries.

By the way, apologies for the tardiness in this announcement. I’ve had the fever for the last few days and writing an entry was the furtherest thing from my mind. Thank you for your patience.

This competition was about two things: having some fun and helping a friend. However the announcement of this contest kicked off a huge comment thread where-in the ethics of such competitions was called into question and I ended up being accused of devaluing an entire design service market. Awesome!

For my next act I shall challenge the sovereignty of Canada by moving to Vancouver.

Gladly I can say that this did end well. Great work was presented, a winner was selected, prizes mailed out, and my friend is happy — as happy as an accountant during tax time can be. As for the design contest ethics discussion, it’s time to move on.

As you will recall there were five judges for this competition. I sought people who I believe had a good eye for good design. With so many entries I thought there might be a problem trying to get an early majority from five people but I was shocked that 4 out of 5 chose the winning entry in the first round. You could say the victor was chosen hands down.

Winning entry by Arturo RodriguezCongratulations goes to Arturo Rodriguez who is ‘one half’ of Twinsparc, a web-development company located in Decatur, Georgia. He had this to say about his work:

Since the paper itself invoked memories of a “golden era” of honest and trustworthy accounting, I decided to pull elements of the paper into the mark. Personally, I like the 2 color version the best. The type is Clarendon. Concept wise, it’s pretty straightforward… not too abstract.

The response from some of the judges testifies to the strength of Arturo’s design:

I think it’s one of the few entries that avoids the “is this a paper company?” problem. Well done, feels sober and tasteful as appropriate for an accounting firm.

Tom Dolan

This logo has some really great things going on; simple, legible, well balanced, and easily reduced to black and white for other uses (like faxing). I think it incorporates the name, and namesake, nicely while immediately setting a tone for the business.

Jason Santa Maria

Runner up entries can be seen here, please keep in mind they are in no particular order. Thanks to everyone who entered it was your entries that made this contest interesting and fun.

Once again congratulations to Arturo who will also receive one years supply of Rice-A-Roni that San Francisco Treat.