Updating websites with content management systems, virtual includes, paths, archives, templates and a stupid FTP program just plain sucks.

Especially when there’s cool things to do like watch the Celtics get their butt kicked, or go to Disneyland for dinner with my lovely wife in New Orleans Square, or read new trade paperback, The Flash: Blood Will Run in which a mass murderer starts a religion to worship the superhero.

Putting my life on pause for yet another evening, I have finally broken through a small barrier with Shutterthumb.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to expand the No Film Display with a regular update of casual photos taken too and fro. To make this work the way I wanted required the use of virtual includes, a small snippet of code that inserts one document into another.

Anyway, after manually giving myself a haircut using a method the Chinese refer to as firmly-gripped-hands, I discovered that my host didn’t have includes turned on at all! Bah! Easily fixed the next morning but that was a little too late for my blood pressure.

More evenings pass with similar frustration trying to make everything work the way I want. A full on square peg in a round hole situation.

Unlike other persons who keep a weblog, I am not known for writing my own scripts, applications, or hacking things like Perl. I know enough to make things work and I am teaching myself useful things that make sites validate and all that spiffy stuff, but I don’t really enjoy it.

Not when I can kill Nazi’s residing in Castle Wolfenstein or play with my two cats.

But there is the urge to keep trying, hoping to eventually learn why it’s not working and how to fix it.

Tonight, finally, I have a simple system for bringing you new photos. It’s not finished but you’ve been looking at the New York gallery for far too long and so it’s time for new eye candy.

Stick around because tomorrow night I will have another surprise, but this time I don’t have any stupid code to get in the way.

Now if you will look over the starboard bow you will find a new visual treasure.