I am still here, ten miles from Disneyland. Alive and kicking, though continuously distracted.

In the time I have been gone, others have written their own blog software, visited France, or started a best selling book. I however have simply stopped to smell the roses. Lots of roses.

The last two weeks of my life could easily fit the lyrics of a particular Billy Joel song:

Saw the LA Galaxy vs. Dallas Burn and then the LA Galaxy vs. New England Revolution. Later watched a monster truck special on MSNBC — still a little redneck for my tastes.

Celebrated Independence Day while watching “The largest fireworks display this side of the Mississippi.” It had to be the biggest with a $120k price tag.

Sold the G3 Blue & White, bought a 15″ Powerbook, bought Xbox with four games. Prepared lots of distractions and knickknacks for Ebay. Packing up the Dell for a swift journey out of my life forever.

Visited with my father-in-law from Alaska. As always, he’s in great shape.

Had some great food at the Napa Rose, UVA Bar, Starbucks, Pacific Whey Cafe. Meanwhile I stood in line for 20 minutes for nachos at the Home Depot Center.

Watched Legally Blond 2, Man on the Moon, CQ, and Family Guy – Seasons 1 & 2. No television to speak of, it is the devil’s device after all.

Read half of the great Orange Book.

Ordered 16 iced lattes.

Replaced sprinkler heads after trying to get the old ones to work, ended up soaked and hot. Dug into the ground and watched the worms frantically crawl away from the blazing sun.

Loved my country, despised my country.

Signed the petition to boot Grey Davis out of California (good luck in France Grey!). Convinced others to track down the petition and sign it.

Drove on the 405, 22, 55, 241, 5, 134, 261, 91 freeways — It takes forever to drive anywhere on the 5, I hate that road so much! Mistakenly drove through a toll road booth — it cost me $30.

Had some gas but did not confuse it with heart failure this time.

Visited Crystal Cove, Coto de Caza, San Deigo, and Burbank. While in tinsel town, saw the gates of Warner Bros., Disney Animation, DIC, Universal Studios, ABC, and NBC. Reminded the wife that we need to attend a live taping of the Tonight Show.

Filled the gas tank three times, instead of two.

And of course I went to Disneyland. Twice.