Ok people, take a knee. Now, when it comes to making mistakes I am a fair man. I believe in the wisdom and leadership skills of Solomon, that is to say, taking the time to listen to both sides of the story before taking the necessary action. I’m a firm believer in admitting to fault when honesty is the best course of action and until God gives us a third option–not up or down but maybe side-to-side–then honesty is the only course of action.

One of you isn’t feeling one-hundred percent of their total because you know that your decision making process failed and led to what can only be considered as a tragedy that will have disastrous consequences for the free market economy and the further refinement of citizens around the globe. When Kennedy botched the Bay of Pigs he was having a bad day, nothing two aspirin and the United Nations couldn’t cure. But this, this is much, much worse. Why I don’t even think Congress can bail us out on this one as much as that pains me to say. Someone is going to have to put one leg in front of the other and step forward to make right what has been wronged.

By nature I am an optimist. And despite the events that transpired this morning I believe it is possible to make a course correction but first we as a group need to admit that something isn’t the way it should be, the way that it could be, and we’re going to need to know how and why we were driven to this bruised moment in history. When we find ourselves at such a crossroad admitting fault is the only action that will lead to salvation on this road to perdition. So I’ll ask you one more time, who in their infinite ivy-league 5th Avenue wisdom spilt McClatchy all over this mornings Wall Street Journal?