Don Norman is my new hero. Though I just found out recently, today as a matter of fact, just minutes ago. That’s when I came across his essay: The truth about Google’s so-called ‘simplicity’.

I am sick and tired of hearing people praise its clean, elegant look. Hell, all search engines have that clean elegant part to them: type your search terms into the box and hit “Enter.”

Is Google simple? No. Google is deceptive. It hides all the complexity by simply showing one search box on the main page. The main difference, is that if you want to do anything else, the other search engines let you do it from their home pages, whereas Google makes you search through other, much more complex pages. Why aren’t many of these just linked together? Why isn’t Google a unified application? Why are there so many odd, apparently free-standing services?

Less — for the sake of less — does not always equate more. We should stop assuming that web users want to pound round pegs into round holes.