Memorial Day is one of a few occasions I have a hard time writing about. it is a topic I don’t feel qualified to talk about — for who am I to speak of men and women who have gone to war. At least without coming across as a hollow network television journalist.

Those of us who know nothing of the subject want to know more — in an effort to understand what it must have been like. While those who have seen combat wish to speak of everything else but that experience. It is an awkward subject at best.

Today my own personal thoughts are with two men: Grandpa Storey who served as a chaplain in World War II and Jim, my father-in-law, who was drafted and dropped in the middle of a Vietnam jungle. Both men came back to help build a better society in the dark shadow of what they had experienced first hand.

And my thoughts are also with those families for whom Memorial Day now has an entirely new meaning.