For Josh.

In order to attract more traffic, comments, and a huge block of SXSW People’s Choice voters I am announcing the new, official Airbag Buffy the Vampire Slayer Super Happy Fansite!

Now you no longer have to click all the way to Whedonesque to get that total coverage of the life and times of America’s favorite vampire killer. Upon successful application, you will receive a complete season guide and episode analysis, photos of my television while Buffy is on TV, and special Amazon Associate encoded links to special Buffy merchandise! Shop till you drop!

On top of that you will get regular access to Airbag, the American Idol of the Blogsphere!

Each week you’ll read stories written by a grumpy thirty year old who is going through middle-age a lot earlier than he should. Airbag covers all the important topics like: critical analysis of George Bush, just how bad the French suck wind, refrigeration repair, National Public Radio, used airbags, and how to write effective propaganda campaigns against brutal regimes that favor child labor in Indonesia.

As an added bonus, enjoy the visual eye candy that is Shutterthumb, an online gallery of small photos! See pretty pictures of birds, fire trucks, Central Park, a tree, the Texas State Captial Building, and stuff that no one really knows what it is, but it’s fully saturated so it looks really cool!

I’m still in the process of setting up free hosting through an 45 day AOL trial account. So until then keep using Whedonesque, or you can start using Ultramicroscopic’s comment windows as the chat room.