1. First, yes comments at Airbag are back. As well as some long-time needed features like permanent links for individual entries (click on entry icons for link), and view by category. Next on the list of improvements, new and vastly improved Shutterthumb. I have a lot of photos that are ready to share with the world. I will also be working on Kryptonite Wednesday, as my entires about comics were mostly lost on many Airbag readers.

  2. I am considering the use of Radio Userland, perhaps not for Airbag but another, more blog-like, well, uh, blog. Radio is very different from Moveable Type, Blogger, etc with tools that help glean news headlines and subscribe to other weblogs. The whole thing feels like an Associated Press for weblogs. I can see how Dave is trying to shape the world of weblogs into his vision of personal journalism.

  3. Newly redesigned Wired magazine feels more like a weblog than, well, Wired. Its filled with a lots of short blipverts on new products and services, websites and industries — just like most of the weblogs read around the Net. Don’t get me wrong, issue 10.6 was the best issue I’ve read in a very long, long time but it is interesting to see this mogul adapt to the popular online style of writing and reading.

  4. I won a Playstation 2 game from the Kellogg’s Eet and Ern promotion. They were giving away a game every 60 seconds. Now I’m crossing my fingers for Gran Turismo 3 so I have a good excuse for buying Sony’s game box (crossing fingers).

Now if Halo would just quit being an Xbox only game…