Fig. 1—The administrator panel as seen by the Airbag Dept. of Publishing

There has been some lamenting about the [death of blogs](<a href=) as of late. Ok, maybe it’s been over the last year or two but it’s become a lingering topic. For me, if I look behind the curtain, I really stopped writing in 2010 (see fig. 1). Honestly, thats when my personal and professional life became much, much more complicated and stressful than at any time previously. Those complications doubled and quadrupled for a number of years and thankfully they are on the decline.

Lets be honest though, I had the time. I mean, I could have made the time to write and continue what I started twelve years ago, but I wasn’t feeling it. There was that one time when Tumblr was fun to post too but I didn’t really start to get the itch to write again until recently. That’s when I decided that enough has been enough and the crap that has been plaguing me creatively for the last four years is going to get knocked on it’s ass and kicked to the curb this year—So long sucka.

I don’t think blogs are dead. Like anything we do, sometimes you just need a break.

Ok, introspection done. PSA delivered. Back to writing.