Last Sunday was a pretty fantastic day.

Not because I got to play Jedi Knight II: Outcast Jedi.

Nor because my wife and I had brunch with friends in Laguna Beach.

Not because brunch was followed with a leisurely drive through Laguna Canyon.

Nor was it because on the way home we stopped at Petes for an iced latte.

And it could not possibly have been the side visit to a pajamas store that smelled like really smelly girl soap. Yucky!

Because none of that could have topped rescuing a kitten who was stranded, scared, hungry, and refuged behind a retaining wall next to the formerly mentioned pajama store.

After a 45 minute ordeal of waiting, dismantling the retaining wall, digging, avoiding two black widow spiders, baiting with kitty food, waiting, and more dismantling, my valiant friend Chris finally nabbed the cat from it’s cold, dark, and lonely hole.

So welcome to the family, small-black-kitten aka Ramses (our other cat’s name is Icis). Cecily and I will take care of you for the rest of your life and you will never be lost again.

Airbag readers, meet Ramses.