This just in from my correspondent in the east:

So, here I sit at my computer while [name removed to protect the innocent] watches The O.C.

And what happens? Some girl calls someone an asshat. Yes. That’s right. What’s most interesting to me about this is that knowing the way the show mines indie rock to pull together a soundtrack it can sell later (with bands like the Pixies, and Futureheads), I can say with about 90% certainty (because of how tuned in to the interweb the writers are… just a few weeks back they inserted an awkward line like “I them…”) that this asshat line came directly from you. Take a bow.Dammit! If I had known that television writers were dropping by I would have at least put some pants on.

Hollywood, if you’re really that desperate for material — and by the looks of things you are — the movie and television rights for Airbag are still available. Call me.