In the past two years I’ve amassed too much Apple hardware and it’s time to make space in the office. All of this equipment has been given the best care possible and will ship in all of the original packaging and boxes. Prices listed below do not include shipping, that will be arranged between the buyer and seller via UPS. Use the contact form, not the comments, to ask questions, buy a unit, etc.

**Dual G5 PowerMac** - Sold **Apple Cinema Display 20″** - Sold **Aluminum PowerBook 12″** - Sold **Aluminum PowerBook 15″** - Sold **Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac** - Sold

I hate to use this space to advertise what amounts to an online garage sale but it’s the only working public space I have and I get tired of telling African Craigstlist poachers that I’m not interested in their “money orders”. Let’s hope this works. I really don’t want to have to use Ebay.