Full House.

  1. Like public squabbling? Me too. Peter David, writer of Captain Marvel, publicly called his publisher out. Only break dance fighting is better than this because in comic fights, there’s no rad music or cardboard mats to do the catipillar on. It’s a classic battle pitting creative against management in the wonderful industry of comic books.

  2. KCRW‘s Metropolis is three hours of electronica that can’t be found anywhere else. The good news is they stream in every format known to man. And it’s an NPR station! Take a listen from 7 – 10 PM (PST).

  3. Did I mention Movabletype 2.0 rocks? Now feature filled with everything you could possibly want from an easy to use and install content management system. I stand by what I said earlier: Blogger users, it’s time to upgrade. Radio Userlander’s, it’s time to defect.

  4. I am contemplating a migration to XP. Trying to fight peer pressure at work where I am surrounded by Microsoft junkies. It doesn’t help that every time I walk by a game store and see that Castle Wolfenstien has been out for Windows for some time, while it’s nowhere near ready for shipping to Mac users. Help, help, I being repressed!

  5. The other day I forgot to introduce another website linked from Airbag. Go see the Barking Moose, not to be confused with Sleepy, Grumpy, or Bashful Moose. Right now he’s dissing on Zeldman’s declaration of the imending death of Verdana as the font du jour. Neee!