A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and cough up the extra dough for high-definition television. For a few years now I’ve had a nice HDTV that was perfect for movies and Xbox 360 but I hated the idea of paying more for a television signal. Then Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth hit the air waves and I can’t imagine watching this series in anything other than the highest definition available.

When I was in grade school I always looked forward to the times when we got to put the books away and watch a National Geographic filmstrip. A baritone voice would blare form the mono-speaker, taking us through a visual journey many, many miles away from our small town in Alaska. Mind you, this was before VHS became the dominant format for educational presentations but the photography and narrative was nothing short of amazing. So as I’m watching God’s opera presented before my eyes, through a clarity that makes me feel like I’m there, I’m in complete jaw-dropping awe.

This is all to say that if you’re not inspired by watching Planet Earth then you should probably reconsider having a food tube installed.

I love, love, love, all of the shots from the International Space Station (glorious!). Other favorites, so far, include the segments of the birds in New Guinea, the Great White Sharks (jumping coming completely out of the water! Amazing footage!), the Sequoias, and the entire show on mountains. I haven’t had a chance to see each show but the Rocket Scientist has made it clear that we will own the DVD library when it becomes available.

I just wish that something(s) didn’t have to die in every episode. I understand that these things happen in the wild but watching baby animals become another’s Happy Meal just isn’t something I enjoy watching.