Will someone please try, yes please try to explain why in the hell I can’t buy the West Wing on DVD but the rest of the free world can?

The British have it readily available. So do the Germans. And Lord help me, even the French can use 1Click to get Jed Bartlett into their living rooms! [The sentence that used to appear here and many of it’s explicatives were removed after careful editorial review. — ED.]

I’ll bet Hans Blix is kicking back at night snacking on freedom fries and watching West Wing – Season One while I have to settle for whatever my Tivo can manage to record once a week.


Is it possible the European Union is involved because I can’t imagine this is just a problem with American supply and demand. Nor can I imagine that Paramount Studios is swimming in so much cash that it’s just ignoring the products domestic sales potential.

And where are the Elephants? Do the Democrats have any idea of what kind of propaganda potential they have with this series? Why hasn’t Tom Daschel lifted a single finger to get his parties message out to the masses? Come on Tom, forget the tax cut already! It’s time for legistlation that would put a copies of the West Wing in every home in America.

Martin Sheen — Mr. President, sir — If you’re reading this maybe you could take the duct tape off your mouth for five minutes and do something about this because Aaron Sorkin isn’t returning my phone calls.