I am somewhat excited to get my hands on the iPhone and I have pre-arranged to pick one up at the Apple Store on the morning of June 29th. You may ask why I am not more excited to which I will reply: As good as the device may have been designed and engineered it’s still at the mercy of AT&T getting their act together. I would love to think that Apple has created a way to eliminate the telco’s infamous day-old voice mail delivery and dropped phone calls but somehow I doubt it.

The Rocket Scientist and I were invited to no less than six weddings this summer ranging in all manner of size and geographic locations. At the largest wedding, a very large and traditional Catholic wedding, I have been asked to MC the reception. Some, including the wife, have placed formal protest to the bride knowing that a Pope joke or three might make it into my repertoire. I don’t know about that but I am being fitted for a look-a-like outfit—lets hope white is my color.

Airbag’s galactic headquarters moved into a new, very swank office building. I now have floor-to-ceiling windows with ample natural light for an army. This is Sparta.

Whist eating breakfast with a friend he suddenly remembered that his website had turned twelve the day before. The Rocket Scientist quickly figured that he had been publishing online for as many years as we had been married. She also remembered that in the summer of 1994 I tried to explain to her what the Internet was, without success. She also recounted my ambition to be online within that year. If that sounds strange then you need to understand that back then it wasn’t just a matter of ordering an account over the phone, you had to fill out applications, get software, install software, and wrestle with TCP/IP settings in a way that would make most of today’s users cry openly. And that was if the place had openings for new customers.

The Ducks have all but ensured they will hoist the cup on Wednesday. Watching the games on HDTV is amazing and it makes me miss the times when my friends and I would go watch the UAA Seawolves play. Go Ducks!

There have been many, many books purchased in the last few months. Some of my favorites are coffee table editions featuring the work of Josef Muller-Brockmann, Oti Aicher, and Jasper Johns. For fun I also slipped in the new tome on the history of Star Wars as told through long lost interviews from the late seventies. Mo books, mo betta.

I had a problem finding Al Gore’s new book at local book shops. I went to two stores and found nothing but empty shelves. Clerks at each place told me that their large inventories sold out within hours. I’ve got a copy, finally, but I’m a little intimidated to read it for fear that it’s only going to piss me off even more than I already am at the state of our country and it’s politics. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to throw some tea in a harbor and then maybe burn a building or two.

Halo 3 Beta has been fun in the few times that I’ve been able to get on Live (work has been a tad busy). Even more fun is playing Crackdown online with friends and causing mayhem. For some reason jumping cars into other cars, over cliffs, and into buildings never gets old.