Six months ago I had an idea:

I would love to see a snapshot of Airbag around the world starting and ending somewhere around the International Date Line. If you have a minute take a photo of how you normally digest my attempts molding the English language into sentences and if the response is decent I’ll whip something up for us all to take a look at.

The response was more than decent, it was amazing and quite humbling, with responses coming from places I would never think to find an Airbag reader. So I went to work (with the masterful help of Ethan and Ryan whos ideas and efforts made this whole thing possible) designing the best possible frame for all these wonderful glimpses into the lives of readers from all over the world.

Many of you have waited for too long to see this, and for that I apologize—work has been a little more than hectic. Oh, and I may have some entrants in the wrong time zone, but that’s easy enough to fix, just let me know.

Without further ado I give you: Airbag: As Seen from Around the World.