Go Anteaters!

In approximately forty-eight hours the Rocket Scientist will don a black gown with orange colored cords and a funky hat — walk across a stage and become a Chemical Engineer.

She is, without a doubt, the smartest, most talented and hard working person I have ever known. The Rocket Scientist could have easily mastered any other subject of study from culinary arts to biological science to civil engineering. Instead, She Who is Holy and True, took the road less traveled, by tackling the most difficult undergraduate degree in the modern university system.

For her the days have been long and the nights even longer. Only a Navy Seal could possibly know the stamina equal to that of my wife. She has also endured the pompous arrogance of some of the most self-appointed, high-and-mighty professors in the world, only to counter their endless pretentiousness with the highest marks possible.

In a few days she will march triumphant to receive that mark in the society of science — the likes of which I will never know.

To say I married well is the gravest of understatements.

I am the luckiest man in all of God’s creation — from the start of time to the end of days. My wife, my friend, is the dawn of my morning and the sunset of my day. And the cats think she’s pretty damn cool too.

If there was a way to gather each and every one of you into a hall, I would now ask you all to stand and raise your glass to Cecily, in honor and celebration of her achievement and the beginning of a new stage in life.