Everyone should rush to the comic shop, this week, and take a look at American pop culture history. Batman #600 arrives marking 50 years of Batman. Wow! Green Arrow #12 concludes the Kevin Smith run. Yes, that’s Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob. In case you couldn’t tell, he likes comics and is a exceptional writer.

Captain Marvel #29 is here and again I recommend this to all comic readers, especially those who are not into traditional superhero books. More importantly from Marvel this week is Ultimates #2 which provides a different take on the Avengers. This is a must have book and if you used to read the Avengers then I would encourage you to get into the comic shop and at least take a look.

The Essential Dr. Strange TPB (trade paperback) might be interesting. I haven’t always collected a lot of Marvel but now find the older collections a lot of fun to read. I haven’t decided if I’ll pick it up yet.

Here’s my shopping list for tomorrow:

  • DC
  • Batman #600
  • Batman Gotham Adventures #47
  • Catwoman #4
  • Green Arrow #12
  • JLA #63
  • Legion #5
  • Marvel
  • Captain Marvel #29
  • Daredevil #30
  • Deadpool Funeral For A Freak #3
  • Ultimate X-Men #15
  • Ultimates #2

Have any Batman related memories? At least you saw the movie right?