I thought contest rigging had been done to death after the fiasco that was the 2002 Olympic Winter Games (stupid French, they are always meddling). After the overboard news coverage about the injustice incurred on the Canadian skaters and the humiliation and rage of an entire nation, well you would think that people would get it in their heads the contest rigging is simply not done.

That is, of course, unless you are an ‘Election Official’ in a Cuba. Wink!

So it was regretful to read that the finalist results of the 2003 Bloggies has been rigged, skewed, money exchanged, gifts given, pat on the back, nudge-nudge and all that.

Wait a second, didn’t the Salt Lake Olympic Committee get nailed for doing the same thing? Ah the lessons we can all learn from International Olympic competition!

There was a time (specifically during SXSW) that I would have loved to win admiration and applause by winning a ‘Bloggie‘. As you will recall I even mentioned it a few weeks ago.

And I would put more effort into caring if it wasn’t for the new Flaming Lips album I’m listening too. Have you heard these guys? I’m in that once-in-a-lifetime stage of hearing everything for the first time so everything is simply brilliant.

Instead, I’ll just go on assuming that this website is on track as it appeared next to other, wonderful, nominated sites in the Best Designed category. All good company to be in.

That said, my name’s in the hat for another interactive award and you can bet the greenstuff that I’m sweating bullets: American Idol style.