I’m feeling a bit scatter brained at the moment, can you tell?

I wish Benjamin Adam was blogging again. To read our exchanges in the past you wouldn’t know it, but I appreciated the fact that he stood his ground and didn’t back away from a dispute. Hopefully he’ll come back.

Bodie Miller is an ass (not an asshat mind you, he’s just an ass) and I’m delighted that he’s utterly failed to place anywhere near the top spot in these wonderful winter games. Anyone who has such a large head deserves to fall hard, long, and far.

Speaking of winter sport, seems to me that our Vice President could be a contender for the biathlon, all he needs are some skis and a spiffy spandex suit (don’t picture that in your head, it might lead a little throw-up in your mouth). Note to self, don’t hunt with an alcoholic Republican who is not likely getting enough oxygen to the head due to a long history of heart problems.

The cable company called me last week and offered two months of free HDTV. Morons. Of course I’m going to take the free offer while the Olympic Games are on. On the difference between normal and high-definition television I can say only this: Zowie!

I do not understand how an Old English Sheep dog can see where it’s going. Me thinks it has some type of bat-like sonar because there is no way that dog can see through all that hair.

Despite the wonderful performance of this site being hosted on it’s very own Mac Mini I bought a Mixed Grill account for two reasons: It is very affordable and I want to play with Joyent. Mr. Allen, please don’t let me down.

A year from now I think Yahoo will have purchased and hired just about everyone who started blogging five years ago. Jeffrey, you are long over due my friend. The contributions you’ve made to shaping the Internet are numerous and should not go without accolade and reward.

If your name is Jon Wiggens or Tomas Jogin then I don’t know why in the hell you’re not blogging anymore. Jon your eye for photography is too keen to keep it to yourself. Jogin, hurry up and get back on the web, but this time don’t leave out the local flavor.

Should you know anything about the administration and legality of offering a scholarship program I would like very much to talk to you. I want to do my part in helping to get the next generation of designers through college. It won’t be a lot but dammit I’m not going to sit here and leave our future solely to politicians.

Taxes suck. Not so much the paying them as the amount of work it takes to prepare and complete the paperwork. I think we should go back to the tradition of throwing drink ingredients into water, but only after Boddie Miller is tossed overboard.

The ugliest dog in the world was just awarded Best in Show. This leaves me sad beyond measure considering the competition. Grrrr.