Goodbye Another Dumb Year.

Given how long it took for 2021 to conclude, the last four weeks have gone by in a blink. So much has happened. So much to deal with that, it makes me tired just thinking about all of it. And these short days don’t help. Dear Heavenly Lord I hate the stupid winter so much, I just want to murder it. Anywho, I won’t drag you through the details, but I want to catch up.

I stepped down from LexBlog at the end of November. Looking back, we got a lot done in a year. A new product launch, complete revision of company processes and operations, introduced design thinking, and, most important of all, vastly improved morale and got almost everyone seeking collaboration instead of diving into silos. And as per usual, I pulled a handful of people up and into new roles I knew they were capable of, and happy to report they all stepped up and did remarkable work. I’m proud of everything I did at LexBlog, and I look forward to how the team will show up for 2022 and beyond.

What’s next for me is a variety of potential projects while I take some time to contemplate what I want to do in the next phase of my career. I spent some time recently cataloging all of the work I’ve done in the last six years. Looking back brought insight into work that was rewarding and the rest, which I am happy to leave in the past. I am leaning towards opportunities to work with people I enjoy, regardless of the work or the brand.

Life is too short to work with assholes.

While I wait to see what projects come to fruition, I signed up for a six-week cohort to study Foresight through the University of Houston. I discovered this practice recently, and it feels like a solid next step, building on the work I’ve done in the last decade.

On another unrelated but positive note, this Fall, I spent more time with doctors and in clinics than I have since I broke my leg in second grade (in ancient times). I’ve learned about some health issues that I have lived with forever that I didn’t know I had—the biggest problem is extreme sleep apnea. It was pretty crazy when a doctor told me that, according to the data, I don’t know what real sleep feels like. It’s only been in the last couple of years that it felt like something was wrong. Apparently, the human body—being the miracle that it is—compensates for the lack of restorative sleep. And that worked pretty well for a few decades until it didn’t. Just as I started to seek help, COVID hit, and many doctors stopped accepting new patients.

I’m sharing this with you because, in hindsight, I wish I had gone in to get tested a long time ago. Apnea contributes to several health issues as you get older, including putting a dent in your brain function. Meaning it’s more than just having a problem with snoring. If this sounds familiar, go take care of it before you turn into a vegetable. I’m happy to report that I should receive my new breathing apparatus soon, and I’ll finally get an idea of what all of this “real sleep” is all about.

Happy Holidays to you all. Enjoy your friends and family. Have fun with all of the “at home” movie premieres in the next seven days. Neuter your kids and get your dogs and cats vaccinated or vice-versa. Have a Merry New Year—drink up—because mid-term elections are coming and you know that’s going to be a real hoot!