I wasn’t happy that it was mostly impossible for me to watch any of the 2002 World Cup. Not even ABC Wide World of Sports has had any coverage and I can’t stand the idea of paying for cable television, so I can’t watch their sister station ESPN.

It also doesn’t help that my friend James, who moved his family to South Africa, had to rub it in that his entire country is doing nothing but breathing, living, eating, talking and celebrating the World Cup.

Stupid US-non-World-Cup-interest.

Then something truly remarkable happened.

My wife, who is vastly more intelligent and beautiful than I, suggested trying the Spanish television stations.


Normally I don’t watch Spanish television because, well, I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t like soap operas (which Spanish TV seems to have so much of).

But tonight the only Spanish I need know is one word.


God Bless this melting pot.