Green For Go.

I wanted a place to discuss changes to Airbag, CSS woes and triumphs, basically anything having to do with code. This category, Test Flight, will do exactly that. Only I need to change the curtains, along with other tasks.

Problems from the first flight

  • Still not working in IE5/Mac – I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the P tag but IE5/Mac does not display the layout correctly. I would cared more if only somebody used the browser, still it is a fix that needs to be made.
  • Comments are not styled to par – The comment author’s name appears on it’s on line, above the comment entry. This is unacceptable. I’ve tried wrapping the author’s name in P tags set float: left; but that causes all sorts of havoc between Safari and IE6/Windows.
  • RSS Feed broken in Firebird – For some reason link titles are not showing up for Longboard links in the Mozilla offshoot Firebird. I used the exact same XML template as I did for the old site, and it tests fine with NetNewsWire so I’m not sure why Firebird is having a problem.

No Archives

Not too long ago Tom Dolan and I were discussing blogs and archives. A friend of his once said, “if I miss a spectacular sunset I’m not going to go looking for photographs of it the next day. Why would I do the same for a blog?”

I’m not sure exactly that an archive is necessary but I’m thinking of adding a search function so that if need be, a user can get into past content. If I don’t have time to crawl through the last year of a sites life then I can’t imagine anyone else does.

Additions and changes yet to be, uh, added and changed.

  • Library – By this week I hope to have a section devoted to the media consumed, both on and offline. Not sure exactly what format this will be in but I’ll likely manage it all via MT vs. Blogrolling or some other form of Blogrolling.
  • Spring fashions – I have more images to include throughout the site. This page, for instance, should have a different column graphic, to help distinguish it apart from the real content.
  • Validation – By now I’ve made a few websites that validate XHTML 1.0 Strict. No reason why this site shouldn’t do the same.

If I’m missing anything else be sure to leave a note.