E3 was a bust, mostly. Three years ago when I went for the very first time, it was like seeing Vegas and Times Square smashed together, visual-stim overload. Now it’s just too dark, then too bright, then too dark, too loud and then way too loud. My lack of patience is fueled by the empty purpose of going in person with all the triple-lutz media coverage event these days. A few hours pouring through the online game sites provides a satisfactory virtual experience, especially when capped off with the overview provided by Waxy. And this year there were way to many children running around. Tiny children! Still I had a good time hanging around with friends and hey we did get to play the Xbox 360.

A few days ago I traded a PSP for a PS2. Call me crazy but the portable Playstation needs some work. The reflective surface makes it almost impossible to play a game or watch a movie during the day and the sound levels are way too low. On a flight between Long Beach and New York City I settled in to watch Hellboy and gave up after a few minutes of seeing mostly my own reflection and hearing whispered dialogue over the steady hum of the jet engines. The last straw came after playing some of the upcoming titles at E3: SOCOM is a shoddy port, I can’t play football to save my life, and I just don’t grok Metal Gear Solid after growing up on Splinter Cell. Anyhoo, I am having a blast with God of War, Killzone, and GTA: SA.

It’s at this point in the entry where Andy, upon reading this, will send me an instant message: “Have you played Katamari Damacy yet?”

And I will reply: “No, not yet. The game didn’t come with the trade but I’ll give it a try one of these days.”

Speaking of Killzone, I don’t know why reviewers and gamers were so hard on that game. Maybe because it was unofficially dubbed the Halo killer. Complaints about the games poor graphics performance are lost on me, mostly because Halo 2 has the same problem. For a first person shooter set in a post-apocolyptic industrial world fighting fascist enemies I think it’s the right bowl of porridge. Note to game marketing peeps, a little modesty can be more of an asset than hype, it’s better to undersell and over perform than the other way around.

Switching gears — MacOS X, affectionately titled Tiger, has lived up to it’s name, feeding on hundreds of pounds of raw system memory daily. Sometimes it’s appetite goes beyond capacity (1.5 gigabytes) freezing everything for a few unpleasant minutes until I am able to quit iChat, which likes to turn red and tell me that it’s not responding. How a simple Internet chat program can take down an entire operating system is beyond me but it leaves me thinking of a certain story in the Bible. Apple’s response of a promised patch in the next 45 days doesn’t put a smile on my face. I mean come on, like how totally Microsoft of them.