I have been watching the train wreak that is Generation Y on American Idol. I wasn’t planning on being anywhere near a television but I happened to be in the right place at the right time and couldn’t look away.

It’s like trying not to stare at the bearded lady or pretending not to watch Riki Lake when she has twin sisters who channel their dead pet dog while being a huge discipline problem for their 4th time remarried stepmom.

These kids, these young adults, who are to be our next round of leaders, are certifiably retarded. It’s a whole generation of mouth breathers who are in serious denial about their lack of vocal abilities and performance skills.

I could have brought a large cow in on stage, had it hum Old MacDonald out of it’s ass, and it would have been better than most of the ‘performers’ showcased on television last night.

Bad parenting has to be the real culprit. My generation (the real MTV generation) was hammered with the idea that we should all encourage each other to believe that we can be whatever we want to be. Remember Casey Kasim? He always told us to keep reaching for the stars.

Somewhere in the early 90’s I suspect that MTV parents got bored with constantly encouraging little Timmy that he could be the best fireman, policeman, President or a cross dressing, Whitney Houston look-a-like, who could call the angels of Heaven down with his pretty voice.

Alas we are left with a entire generation that keeps looking for the easy way out. Meanwhile they gripe and moan about how much their jobs sucks while they screw up my vente iced latte with an extra shot.

I must be getting old.