I’m not sure many people noticed but HP unveiled their iPod tattoo feature today. In a few days they will start selling their printable tattoo paper that will let you temporarily customize the look of your iPod. It kind of reminds me of drawing on notebook covers in high school — only you can wipe the slate clean when your tired of it.

Pretty cool me thinks.

So while I’m watching these two boobs on television yack at each other I thought I’d make the first ever Airbag iPod tattoo. Not only will it instantly make your iPod more hip, but early testing has shown that the Airbag tattoo will help you lower your cholesterol, attract persons of the opposite sex, and increase the volume of a stock iPod to eleven.

Keep in mind that I’m working off a sketchy template I found on HP’s website. When I get my hands on the real thing I’ll make tweaks where necessary.