Hare vs. Tortoise

I grew up without the glow of television. Thankfully my parents saw the wisdom in creating a household without the need of a box to provide entertainment or substitute child supervision.

The result was a life filled with imagination, creation, and learning. To hell with television, I had better programming going on in my head than all the networks, including HBO, could ever come up with.

Today I am seriously considering a similar move in my own household by turning off a different type of distraction — the 384mb Pacbell DSL connection attatched to a Netgear Wireless Router.

It’s a matter of signal vs. noise;

Reading vs. gaming;

Designing vs. web browsing;

Writing vs. downloading mp3 files;

Eating soup vs. Textism.

I’m not looking to become a broadband martyr, nor will I seek a twelve step program to deal with the gap left in my Being Digital lifestyle.

However, here at Storeyhaus the Chairman of the Board is seriously considering downsizing household connectivity to a single 56k dial-up account — no second line.

Not since the 20th century have I heard the squeal and whine of a modem handshaking with a telco switch — George Jetson be damned. Perhaps it’s time to re-learn patience and find out where my creativity went hithering off to.

Also, the Secretary Treasure has informed me that slowing my baud down will also free up $600 in FY’03 for the travel budget.

Europe here I come.