I don’t understand what Congress is trying to do by announcing that the United States will not attack Iraq until 2003.

Never mind if this is right or wrong for a moment and tell me if I’m missing something. I’m sure Sadam is preparing for the Mother of All Battles – Part Deux, but is war something that our leaders should talk about like the launch of any other federal program?

It almost sounds like this military action is being trivialized as just another Congressional Bill.

At what happened to the element of surprise? We have the fastest mobilized military machine in the world so why tip the future enemy that we’re planning on visiting the Middle East sometime after New Years Day.


I don’t believe that war, or any military action, should be invoked as a knee jerk response but I’m not comfortable with our political leaders talking about the establishment of Little America in the Middle East as just something to pencil in sometime in ’03.