You could say that things are going swimmingly at Airbag Industries LLC. Over the weekend, after creating projections for the next three years, Russ looked up from the spreadsheet and told me to go hire more people. So I did—on the same day even.

Introducing Airbag’s newest production designer/developers:

Drew Warkentin is our first multi-national hire, coming to us from the dollar-squashing country of Canada. We’ve been working with Drew for a while now though his own successful freelance business and we’ve been nothing but pleased about the results. Mr. Warkentin, AOCAD, graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, Canada in 2002.

Stephen Caver is a fresh out of school and ready to rock standards-based design. I was invited to Stephen’s portfolio review in September and immediately saw untapped potential. Fortunately he stuck around Orange County and we’re happy to have him on board. Mr. Caver received a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of California in 2007.

This is a big change for Airbag as the California office has quadrupled in size this year (that sounds bigger than it really is). I used to work where-ever, almost when-ever, but those days are long, long gone, but that’s a small price to pay. In 2007 we somewhat mastered managing a virtual office and now we’ll take what we’ve learned and apply that to growing the local offices in year ahead.

Meanwhile, we’ll be in Park City this January for the opening of Sundance Film Festival where we’ll meet with festival staff and film makers to discuss how we can make next years site even better. In March, providing I can get the right accommodations, the entire team will be at SXSW to do a little work and see all of our friends.

If I had the time, I’d go to Vancouver in February to see Dave Shea and company at Web Directions North (Note: Airbag readers can get $50 off early bird registration and $150 off regular registration to this event by using the coupon code: AIRBAG, spread the word) but, unfortunately, it looks like I won’t get to my favorite city until their performing Bard on the Beach.

Enough about work, I’m tired. Time to find some bullet recipients in Halo 3.