I’ve come to expect a lot from advertising placed before, during, and after the Superbowl. If not for FedEx this year would have been a big disappointment. Their spot, called ‘Stick‘, has to be seen, not read about — no synopsis can do it justice. However, I will say that the spot continues to deliver and build until the very end.

For true fans, advertising students, and the curious there is plenty of behind-the-scenes material. Thank you BBDO — New York office — for doing a much better job of entertaining us during the football game than your competition (no wonder Apple has worked with these people for so long).

Secondly, if anyone knows Mick Jager personally would you please tell him it’s time to buy an island, move there, and retire. I’m not sure why these guys are still performing, they are a ghost of their original self and watching a bony senior citizen parade around like he’s twenty-nine is, as I heard during this afternoons gathering, icky.

Why do they bother with half-time entertainment anyway? It’s about as entertaining as waiting in the lobby of a dentist office. And why does this entertainment always have to come in the vocal form, especially given the horrendous sound quality. Instead, give this time over to Ricky Gervais, he’ll know what to do.

Lastly, when seen through HDTV, John Madden needs more makeup like the Danes need to publish more cartoons depicting God playing with WMD.

Oh, one more thing. That hovers above the field should be replaced with some television union flunky wearing a helmet cam. Sure the replays might not be as clear in quality but watching a guy dangling above the game would provide for some great secondary entertainment.