Airbag Industries


If you must declare a fatwa so be it, just stop targeting humans and point your weapons of mass destruction towards these things:
  • The Entitlement Generation
  • Staying The Course
  • All Country Music
  • Florida Shoppers Who Can’t Contain Their Holiday Horde Rage
  • Alternative Names For A Type Of Blog, It’s Still Just A Blog
  • White Wine
  • Blockbuster Video’s Weak Struggle To Stay Alive
  • Killer Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons
  • Anyone Who Said The New Flash Plugin Would Run Faster On A Mac.
  • Earthquakes — Sneaky Bastards
  • The Millions Of Dollars Wasted On Special Elections
  • The Need To Have Project Management Software In The First Place
  • Inept Corporate Leaders Who Get Paid Millions While Laying Workers Off In The Thousands
  • Celebrity News
  • Walmart Shoppers Who Do Not Consider The Long Term Economic Impact Of Their Need For .99 Plastic Storage Containers
  • Blizzard’s Inability To Administrate A MMORPG Without Taking The Network Down Each Week
  • Traffic School
  • The Missing Seven Gigs Of Disk Space On The Xbox 360 Twenty Gigabyte Hard Drive
  • Sweeps Week
  • The Hypocrisy Found In Religious, Racial, and Political Leaders
  • Free Shipping, Free Refills, Free Upgrades, Free Collectors Items — We End Up Paying For It Somewhere, Somehow
  • Digg vs. Slashdot
  • The Breakup Of The Police