Home Again.

I am tired. This morning I woke up around 3AM (PST) in order to make it home but what a great trip I had! SXSW was worth every penny and every hour.

Sometime on Monday afternoon, my Powerbook power cord decided to melt. I called Apple and they started to freak out. At one point they almost offered to call paramedics to make sure I was ok. So I just spent 36 hours computer free.

Let me tell you something, hotel TV is not the greatest and they charge $12 a pay-per-view movie these days. That’s almost the price for owning a DVD movie. I checked out the OnCommand system attached to the TV. Its totally hackable but a lack of pliers kept me from phreaking free movies.

I have a lot of notes to get online and I’m hoping to get caught up with everything later today. Check out the Notes Exchange on SXSWBlog for a glimpse of what happened in Austin.