Before diving head first into any long endeavor, selecting theme music is not only appropriate but a necessity in life.

The miraculous powers of good music can help you through the tough times and make you want to dance during the good. And somewhere in-between, a great track will always afford a five minute and twenty seven second break between Photoshop layers.

For my next adventure (see Being Carl Spackler) I headed to EMusic to check out their advertised 50 free songs trial.

Soon after signing up for an account (which I can cancel within 30 days) I was thrown into the depth of their 200,000 plus song inventory of mostly independent artists.

At first this was a little disorienting, having just come from the Apple Music Store where almost all of the bands are brand or household names.

It didn’t take too long to find four acceptable albums (49 songs) that I’m very pleased to have discovered and quickly downloaded. For your own future enjoyment, I recommend:

Solex – Low Kick and Hard Bop

Pizzicato Five – Five by Five

Ladytron – 604

Fantastic Plastic Machine – Fantastic Plastic Machine

I should caution that while EMusic is a fantastic service, and an incredible deal, if you’re a huge Prince fan or you just can’t go a day without hearing from Culture Club then this is not the service for you.

Now that the official project music is selected and qued — I’m ready to code like the wind. Just after I grab a decaf iced latte.

Have any theme music of your own?